Friday, February 12, 2010

Home Management Planner Pages

Here are the pages from my home management planner. Click on the image or the link for a larger view, and if there is a magnifying glass be sure to click it once, then right click and save the image to your computer. For most of them I've included my planner page and a blank alternative.

**UPDATE: These are no longer available for download**

Morning Routine and Evening Routine
I personally think the Evening Routine is the most important part of the day (organization-wise) - but I am definitely still working on being consistent in doing it. The ideas in these two routines you might recognize from the fly lady. I've changed them up to fit me. I have to say there are a couple things on there that I still aspire to do. Clean the bathrooms every morning, I don't think so! Maybe one day.

my morning checklist

my evening checklist

evening checklist - blank

Daily Checklists
There's a new addition to my daily checklists because I borrowed it, almost straight across but not quite, from my friend Natasha of Domestica, the awesomest new blog. Check it out for fresh inspiration and ideas on home and life. 

my monday checklist

monday checklist - blank

my tuesday checklist

tuesday checklist - blank

my wednesday checklist

wednesday checklist - blank

my thursday checklist

thursday checklist - blank

my friday checklist

friday checklist - blank

A few more . . .

weekly planner pg 1

weekly planner pg 2

emergency contact sheet

my weekly chore checklist

weekly chore checklist - blank

to do list

For more links to free planner pages and more information on how to create your own planner, check this post


  1. I really like your pages :)

  2. You clearly have a gift, girl! You took my boring straight-up administrative worksheets to a WHOLE new level!!


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