Friday, February 12, 2010

Home Organization - my planner

I've been working on my home management planner - for lack of a better name. It's kind of my home office in a binder. I've been redoing some of my checklists and such. I was going to fix up just a couple, but they all got a makeover.

I will post the pages as well for you, but for now I'll tell you about what I do.

I started putting together my planner about six months ago. When I started, I looked at a lot of checklists and planner pages available already, because I thought if I could find a set to just download and print it would be so much easier and faster than making my own. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I've taken what I found and compiled it and added colour to it all to make it pretty. You can decide for yourself if I managed that, but I work much better in colour.

I use a zippered Mead brand binder like this from Walmart (it was a lot less there than on the Mead site), and I would say that a zippered binder is a very good idea. It has more pockets inside that are very useful as well.

I put my pages in page protectors and I use wipe off markers to write on the page protectors. It all wipes off very easily. I would prefer to print off fresh sheets (especially the monday to friday checklists, for example), but when I add up how much printing and ink that is ... wipe off works fine.

I have sections for my weekly planner, meal planning (which is not very developed yet!), addresses, homeschool and an events section that is divided further into smaller sections such as christmas, awana, family camp, etc.

I'm telling you all this to inspire you to try it. Having all the information and papers that are usually scattered across the house in one place is a huge benefit. Having a schedule of when you do what, broken down weekly/daily makes for a lot less wasted time (in theory, anyway!).

Check out these sites for more information on creating a home management binder of your own:

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