Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How To Make Knotted Hearts Friendship Bracelets

DIY How to make knotted hearts friendship bracelets

Here is the second set of instructions for friendship bracelets. I was going to post this soon after the instructions for the simple knotted friendship bracelet but camping got in the way. :) If you're going to keep your kids busy for a good part of the summer I guess they'll need instructions for more than one bracelet, right? This one looks difficult but is actually very straight forward, which makes you (or your kids) look smart for very little effort. Nice.

I was going to take pictures and make a nice tutorial, but why redo what someone else has done beautifully? There is a great picture tutorial on how to make a knotted hearts friendship bracelet at honestly... so give it a try.

Check out the tutorial here.

If you still need help, here is a video tutorial that explains how to make the bracelet very clearly.

Happy bracelet making! As I said, we were camping and once nice thing about this project is that it can be brought along and worked on during quiet moments. . . not that there were many of those this trip with 6 kiddos around the campsite. ;o) Maybe next time?

Stay tuned for more bracelet instructions to come and enjoy your summer!

Are you going camping?

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  1. Do you have a tutorial for this? :)

    1. Hi there, I haven't made a tutorial, but you can find the tutorial I followed at: I'll update the post to make that more clear.


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