Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to make a Simple Knot Friendship Bracelet

How to make a simple knot friendship bracelet

Summer vacation is upon us and for many that means a nice long break from school, which makes for more 'entertain me Mom' time, right? In theory, the words "I'm bored" aren't allowed in this house, but I still hear them from time to time. Friendship bracelet making is an activity that can entertain young ones (I'd say 6 and up) for nice long stretches of time and actually have something to show for their time.

Petunia - who by the way wants credit for modelling ;) - has been doing this off and on since her birthday in February when she received the supplies (mostly LOADS of thread!) and now Ironman is getting in on the action too.

The chunky bracelet with the beads in the photo above is the same technique as the skinny knotted bracelets, but the kids used waxed string to make them. I think they'll last a lot longer than the ones made with embroidery thread, sometimes also called craft thread.

This is an easy bracelet to start off with, and a good foundation for more complicated patterns because this knot is used in many other patterns like the heart bracelet in the photo above. It's an inexpensive hobby too. Walmart carries a pack of 105 skeins of craft thread for $15 Canadian.

This video shows you how to make 3 beginner friendship bracelets. The first one she shows you is the simple knot pattern.

If you prefer written instructions with pictures, the red kitchen also has a tutorial for this bracelet. They both use a safety pin to anchor their work, but we prefer to use a clipboard. Just tuck the top end up to the knot under the clip and you're set. It's especially good for smaller kids and beginners but when I'm making them in front of the TV in the evening I grab a clipboard.

Here's a better picture of the bigger knot bracelets made with waxed string. I know there are other designs pictured here and I will be posting more instructions for other bracelets - we've got a whole summer to fill up!

What's your favourite friendship bracelet pattern?

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