Friday, September 24, 2010

Rollie Pollies Rock!

Ever since I saw the Rollie Pollie post on MADE I've wanted to make them. I made the striped one for the girl first right before summer and it was a smash hit. 

I've had the plaid one for the boy cut out since then - I just haven't had a chance to sew it up. I finally did it today.

I filled the striped one with fiberfill from Walmart - it took 3 huge bags, I was shocked! I filled the plaid one with Beanbag Filler from Walmart - 2 huge bags full. The plaid one is much lighter, but I don't know which I prefer yet. The striped one is so soft, but the plaid one keeps its round shape a lot better ... it's kind of fun to have one of each. I'm just glad it's finally done. The boy's been asking for his.

You can find the pattern here.


  1. Looks great.. Wanted to make one for my 3 yr old. Could you tell the exact name of the bean bag filler and how much it costed you?

  2. Hi, I don't know the exact name anymore, but it's the one commonly found at walmart. I believe it was about $15/bag and it took 3 bags. I would recommend using that much because it does compress somewhat over time.


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